For over 40 years Howard T Cash has captured the essence of black culture through photography.   Cash has preserved black heritage through his travels in Africa.   He captured sorrows of suffering and the joys of living.  Music greats to kings and leaders,  Harlem to New Orleans, Cash’s talent is shown in every frame.

Presently, Howard resides in the Bronx, New York, and is co-Founder of Generation Studios along with Bilal Salaam, and is the Founder and President of Image Griots Photographic Group, as well.  In 2002, the group created the award-winning exhibition Portraits and Conversations:  9/11 and is presently working on another photographic pictorial.  In 2003, Howard was awarded an Arts in Education Grant from the Bronx Council of the Arts – he will be an artist-in-residence and instructional photographer in partnership with the Bronx High School of Visual Arts at Christopher Columbus High School.  He is presently compiling his first book entitled Love Stories in Romantic Poetry, which is due out in Spring 2004.

Love Stories in Romantic Poetry is a book of photographs is a series of intimate photographic narratives accompanied by poetic verse, which provide romantic insight into sensual desire.  This body of work illustrates a loving connection of African-American relationships between men and women that journeys beyond sex.  It is important for me to illuminate and discuss the beautiful sides of romance and love that Black couples share as Black men reach out through desire to love and comfort their woman, as well as women nurturing and caring about the well-being of their man.  This creates a meaningful vehicle for mutual communication through the sharing of physical, emotional and spiritual growth and development.

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